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Outperform Ordinary Subscriptions

PlentiStream transforms traditional subscriptions from reactive, recurring chores into an intelligent, near set-it-and-forget experience. Customers establish their initial preference and we connect a correlating data source and usage forecasting, resulting in automated orders that proactively adjust to avoid shortages and minimize surpluses.

Revolutionize recurring orders with smart, data-fueled automation

Inventory Aware

Outdated subscription models operate in the dark, with no insight into what your customers have on hand. PlentiStream takes a smarter approach, modeling customer inventory in a way that doesn't require exact knowledge of inventory systems and accounts for uncertainty. This innovative approach to inventory is the basis for our automation of repeat purchases.

Your customers can wave goodbye to the subscription management cycle where they must check on inventory and decide if to cancel or increase their next subscription order. PlentiStream harnesses usage-correlating data, like bookings for a vacation rental or card-swipes for a gym, to create a system that self-adjusts, keeping inventory balanced.





Customer-Side Forecasting

Historical sales tell only half the story. Our advanced customer-side forecasting ranks thousands of potential consumption scenarios based on their likelihood. This approach minimizes the risk of both surpluses and shortages, and can skip or add orders as needed.

DALL·E 2024-02-15 09.52.34 - Design a vibrant and futuristic background image for a websit
DALL·E 2024-02-15 09.52.34 - Design a vibrant and futuristic background image for a websit

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